North/Northeast Economic Development Initiative
Phase 1 - completed

The timeline below represents the first phase of the N/NE Study.
You may also view Phase 2.


Winter 2008/
Spring 2009

Summer 2009/
Spring 2010

Summer 2010

  • Brief URACs, NAs, media
  • Determine scope of potential amendments and projects
  • Conduct financial analysis
  • PDC Board Approval of Study
  • ICURAC Retreat: Accomplishments and Priorities
  • Receive Final Report from financial analyst
  • Begin Stakeholder Interviews
  • URAC Briefings and Interviews
  • Determine whether to proceed with amendment
  • Identify & Orient Advisory Committee
  • Advisory Committee meetings
  • URAC Briefings
  • Advisory Committee Recommendations
  • Present Recommendations to PDC Board

Public Participation

More information

For more information about the Interstate Corridor and Oregon Convention Center URAs, please see their pages on