Westside Study - plan amendment
Description of Three URAs

The Westside Study covers the Downtown Waterfront (DTWF), South Park Blocks (SPB) and the River District (RD) Urban Renewal Areas (URAs).  Much has been accomplished in these downtown districts but there are still projects that each URA hopes to see completed.

As we set the future direction for these districts, we offer you the history of each district to give you the context for many of the issues that will surface during the Westside Study discussions. 

For this background information, select the URA below. This will take you to the Portland Development Commission’s main URA page. In the future, this page will contain information on specific Westside Study discussions or decisions relevant to each URA.

Downtown Waterfront
South Park Blocks
River District



  • DTWF : Downtown Waterfront Urban Renewal Area
  • FOUR : Future of Urban Renewal
  • LTC : Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Area
  • ORS : Oregon Revised Statutes
  • PDC : Portland Development Commission
  • RD : River District Urban Renewal Area
  • SPB : South Park Blocks Urban Renewal Area
  • TIF : Tax-increment financing
  • URA : Urban Renewal Area
  • URAC : Urban Renewal Advisory Committee
  • URAG : Urban Renewal Advisory Group (Westside Study)