Westside Study - plan amendment
Emerging Policy Proposals

Throughout the Westside Study process, the Urban Renewal Advisory Group (URAG) will receive a variety of proposals and recommendations. All of them will be reported as they arise in the notes and materials for the meeting at which they arose. For your convenience, we will keep this page updated regularly to keep you apprised of the major policy proposals being considered by the URAG.

  • The League of Women Voters of Portland has proposed a number of options for the URAG’s consideration. The League recommends end all three districts as soon as possible with a transfer of Old Town/Chinatown to River District and no increase in maximum indebtedness. Consider formation of new URA to address remaining areas of blight and only after analyzing impact on taxing jurisdictions. Future of Urban Renewal: Comments by the League of Women Voters of Portland, September 25, 2007.


  • DTWF : Downtown Waterfront Urban Renewal Area
  • FOUR : Future of Urban Renewal
  • LTC : Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Area
  • ORS : Oregon Revised Statutes
  • PDC : Portland Development Commission
  • RD : River District Urban Renewal Area
  • SPB : South Park Blocks Urban Renewal Area
  • TIF : Tax-increment financing
  • URA : Urban Renewal Area
  • URAC : Urban Renewal Advisory Committee
  • URAG : Urban Renewal Advisory Group (Westside Study)