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Request for Offers: Real Property Purchase of RiverPlace Parcel 8

This PDC Urban Development Opportunities is CLOSED
Closed: Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 5 PM

Through this Request for Offers (RFO), the Portland Development Commission (PDC), the economic development and urban renewal agency for the city of Portland, Oregon (City) is seeking negotiable offers from qualified development teams to purchase and redevelop a 48,645 square foot site known as RiverPlace Parcel 8 (the Property). The Property is owned by PDC, and is located at the northeast corner of SW River Drive and SW River Parkway in Portland’s central city, RiverPlace neighborhood, and North Macadam Urban Renewal Area (NMURA).


Request for Offers: Real Property Purchase of RiverPlace Parcel 8, (PDF)
Addendum 1, (PDF)
Record of Survey and Topographic Survey, (ZIP)
Appraisal, (PDF)

Appendix – Supplemental Information Available
North Macadam Urban Renewal Area Plan, Portland Development Commission, (PDF)
City of Portland’s 2009 “Economic Development Strategy,” Portland Development Commission PDC Business, web link
PDC Business and Workforce Equity Policy, (PDF)
PortlandMaps.com, web link
Record of Survey, January 20, 2004., (PDF)
Topographic Survey, April 5, 2006, (PDF)
Parcel 8 Preliminary Title Report, (PDF)
Easement and Equitable Servitudes between PDC and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (E&ES), (PDF)
Updated Conditional No Further Action Determination, South Waterfront Lot 8, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, September 20, 2007., (PDF)
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Record of Decision for South Waterfront Redevelopment Area Parcel 3 (includes the Property) July 1998, (PDF)
General Plan for Management of Asbestos Debris South Waterfront Parcel 3 (includes the Property) June 4, 2004, (PDF)
Residual ACM, AMEC, February 2007, (PDF)
Historic and Archaeological Site Investigation, April 14, 2006, (PDF)
Reciprocal Operation and Easement Agreement (ROEA), September 18, 1996, recorded January 8, 1997., (PDF)
Management Agreement between CSHV River Parkway, LLC and City Center Parking (Parking Management Agreement), dated July 22, 2009, executed July 29, 2009., (PDF)
Management Contract between Owners of Lots 6A, 6B, and 6C and Multi-Services, Inc. (Parking Management Contract), dated June 1, 2011., (PDF)